Royal College of Art (My work is featured in the prospectus film for the visual communications department)

“Garden Music” for the Outreach Department, The Academy of St. Martins in the fields, London.

“Light, Water, Glass” for artist Meghana Bisineer/Kaleid Editions.

“Pairs of Shoes”, my postcard series in “Fingerprint 2: The evolution of handmade elements in Graphic design”
Published by Chen Design Associates (S.A) & HOW books.

“V & A Late Night: Two’s a Pair”

“Little Design Book: Other Masters of India”
“Little Design Book: Concrete Memories.”
Little Design Book is an online journal of design, visual and material culture.

“Ananya”, a publication for the Central Government of India profiled in DNA city, the national daily in India.
“Ananya” profiled in the national newspaper, The Times of India.

“Monkey Tales”, a children’s book published by Mapin Publications/Harper Collins Children’s Books. Profiled in Time Out, Mumbai.

“Capturing Light”, a video installation created for the cultural centre of the French Embassy in India.

“Words in Stone: Qatar Tribune”
“Words in Stone: Times of India newspaper_1″
“Words in Stone: Times of India newspaper_2″
“Words in Stone: Indian Express newspaper_1″
“Words in Stone: Indian Express newspaper_2″
“Words in Stone: Indian Express newspaper_3″
“Words in Stone_India Today magazine”
“Words in Stone” is a short documentary film retracing the life of Urdu Poet Wali Gujarati who lived in Ahmedabad in the 17th century. The film uses the life of the poet as a lens to examine ideas of history, language, culture and religion in the context of an emerging city in India today. It has been screened in various festivals in India and internationally.