Akhila Krishnan is a visual artist, film-maker and designer. She completed her M.A. from the Royal College of Art, receiving a distinction for her dissertation thesis.

Akhila’s practice explores the relationship between the material and the temporal, the still and the moving image; negotiating their knots of tension and connection. She is interested in exploring the boundaries of language and medium to discover new dimensions that are inherent within them. This act of translation and revelation is a crucial aspect of her practice.

Akhila is also concerned with addressing questions of culture and cultural specificity through her work, which has been shown in London, Berlin, California, Qatar, Nepal and India. She is very interested in collaborative and cross disciplinary practice, consistently creating opportunities to work with people and communities. She was a visiting tutor and design associate at the prestigious National Institute of Design (India) from 2006-’09.

Akhila works in London and India.