First Prize, Man Group Drawing Prize 2011
“Within these Pages” (thread, single spead of paper)
“Three Movements in Texture”(thread, paper, music)
“Intersect” ( thread in an accordion book; self standing)

This is the second of the larger series of works I am developing where I work with thread, fabric and film. As I mentioned earlier, through my dissertation, I found a strong resonance between the mediums of textile and film. Words move and shift between them; thread, weave, knot. As a result of this research, I have been developing this project called “Stitch” where I use thread and paper in manner that is as quite cinematic.

The works build on the theory of persistence of vision. In cinematic terms the idea implies that we ‘see’ continuity of motion in our minds. The intervals between each frame of the film is bridged by us, with the assistance of a certain projection speed so that we perceive the film as ‘life-like’. Several biologists have proposed that our natural vision works in the same way in order to perceive continuos motion. Through this project, I am interested in giving a form and materiality to this interval. I also explore how these intervals themselves may change and evolve over time, and in doing so reflect that very time itself.Each of the individual works that form part of “Stitch” explore the idea of making the invisible that exists within ordinary structures manifest, imagining and giving form to what one could find there. Each is concerned with ideas of space and time, exploring the movement of a line of thread as they twist and evolve within the pages of a book. ”Within these Pages” was the earliest form of this project; exploring the movement of a circular form with two facing pages of paper.

After completing this part of the project, I began to be fascinated by the idea of a series of lines/threads intersecting the pages of a book. I planned this encounter using isometry paper and  a mathematical progression series. In this way, I developed the structure of a book where threads would move through the pages, getting more and more entwined as they reached the middle. They would then begin to untangle and open out as the book ended. This structure that formed the basis for each of the three books developed as a part of “Three Movements in Texture.”

For this part of the project, I also collaborated with the musician Rachael Perrin, whom I has worked with on the MAP elective. We worked on developing a way in which the stitching and the thread could be translated and interpreted musically. After initial experiments, we planned a performance as a conclusion to the first stage of this collaboration with three clarinetists (including Rachael), each of whom would lead an improvised performance with one stitched book. The first book would explore the theme of Shape, the second Tension and the last Colour. As a result of the performance, I am also exploring the use of different shapes in relation to each theme.

(above, Performance of “Three Movements in Texture” at the Barbican Annexe)

The third aspect of “Stitch” is more sculptural in nature. “Three Movements in Texture” works very much with the structure of a book,it is meant to be placed on a table, opened and read. “Intersect” however, moves the way in which one interacts with the book from 2D to 3D. The piece can be pulled open and shut like an accordion; the threads are loose and free within it and yet contained at the same time. And as the threads collapse and expand, they create a drawn piece that can itself transform and change.