The Wild Places

A series of eight images and a cover design inspired by the book “The Wild Places” by Robert Mcfarlane.

The book traces a series of journeys undertaken by the author in search of the wildness that remains in the British Isles, mixing history, memory and landscape in a beautiful and intriguing way. My concept for the design referred to the conclusion of the book; that one need not travel outwards to the remote and inaccessible, in search of wildness. On the contrary, one could find wildness in a blade of grass on a city pavement.

Building on this idea I created a series of images called “Synchronal”; suspended in time and place, between the wild and the tamed, the rural and the urban, shifting back and forth between one another.

The series was exhibited in the Oberon Book Exhibition. In addition, two of the images in the series were selected for exhibition as part of the Man Group Photo Prize, 2010.