El Mar (The Sea)

Exhibited at the Black room, Backhill campus (Central St. Martins), London 2010

This project was developed in collaboration with the artist Ruchita Madhok. We began by responding to a poem of the same name written by her through drawing; posing for each other in series of life-drawing excercises. We were interested in how the poem referred to the idea of the self within a landscape. Building on this idea through our method of drawing, we used our observatory sketches as lens to begin looking at our own bodies in an abstract way. These sketches were then developed into a series of black and white photographs, which were in turn, edited and paced over time to a reading of the poem to create a photo-film.

The work was presented as an installation in order to create an immersive experience. We worked with several ideas for installing the piece, finally projecting the film onto tiers of cloth hung in space. This allowed us to work with dimension with respect to the filmed image, as the tiered installation worked with the projected film in interesting ways.