Capturing Light

Commissioned by the Alliance Francaise, Ahmedabad  (2007)
Exhibited at : The Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad (2007)
“DRAW:Turning Thoughts into Lines”, Royal College of Art (2009)
Screened at The Ahmedabad International Film Festival (Experimental Film), 2009

The idea of this installation was to create an experience for the viewer where light seemed to be collected and captured in glass bottles and containers placed in a physical installation space, almost as if the light were like water. The film in this work was made up of photographs of drawings made with light, referring to the fact that this medium can  ‘see’ and ‘hold’ light in a way that the human eye cannot.

The project was presented in a discussion with RCA alumnus Jane Cheadle called “Into the Flux: Drawing in Space and Time”, organised as part of the DRAW discussion series in the CA & D department. The series is conceptualised as a space for dialogue between practitioners, ex-students and current students, and a place for personal drawing projects to be seen alongside those of an invited artist. It aims to extend the uses of drawing and create crossovers between graphic design, loving image and illustration in Communication Art and Design department.

The discussion explored the idea of drawing as a ‘trace’ of an action or moment in space and time. In this way both the act and the ‘canvas’ of the drawing become revelatory; a window that opens onto the world in a new way, where drawings can live and breathe and the walls of a room can become the pages of a sketchbook. Four points were considered: the role of the artist- in the act of ‘tracing’ do they become part of what is traced? The role of the camera: the mechanical eye that can see and record this trace in a way that the physical eye cannot. The canvas itself and how its nature and dimension can be changed through drawing in this way. Lastly, we debated the nature of what was drawn- how through drawing in this way, the representational and observed can evolve into abstraction.

All of the discussions in this series were presented in the “DRAW: Turning thoughts into Lines” Exhibition held at the RCA in 2009.