“Again the Room was plunged into silence”
Opening night for the Surreal House Exhibition, Pitt Theatre (Barbican) , MAP (Music-Art-Performance) Elective between the RCA and the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London 2010
“Touch, Matter, Memory”, an evening of moving image/performance work presented as part of the Light and Shadow Salon, Horse Hospital, London 2011

Since 2000, this elective has been extending cross-arts collaboration between students from The Royal College of Art and from the Guildhall School. With an emphasis on collaborative workshop practice leading to live performance, the MAP project has involved several students from around the world, many of whom have gone on to work in this developing field. For this project, I worked in collaboration with three musicans; Rachael Perrin, Laetitia Stott and Jonathan Ang. We were interested in exploring the sonic and visual textures of everyday household items found within the transitory spaces of a house.

In our piece called ‘Breathe’, fluid live sounds weave in and out of a percussive soundtrack created by the different objects that are featured in the film. By viewing these commonplace objects through a different lens; we saw them come to life and begin to evolve in new ways. A key aspect of this language was the idea of focus; the music and the images resound and echo between each other, shifting in and out of clarity. This idea is further developed through the live improvisation that ebbs and recedes independently from the film, during the performance.