Moving Image Discussion series

Critical engagement and discussion are crucial to the development of my practice. Over the last two years I have organised several discussions with artists and tutors whom I have invited to the college.In addition to my involvement in the DRAW discussion series, I curated a series of four discussions called “New Perspectives in Moving Image Practice” during the CA & D Work in Progress show. Invitees included research students from the college, alumni, senior tutors and fellow students from other colleges in London (Slade School of Art.)

Over the last year, I have also been involved in Viewing/Listening Space in collaboration with Thomas Volker, a fellow student. Viewing/Listening Space is funded by the RCA Student Union and supported by the CA &D Department. It began as a student led initiative offering a platform for students to show and share film and video work. By also showcasing the work of filmmakers and artists, and inviting practitioners to talk about their work, it has become a forum; a time and place for discussion and analysis.

Three events have been organised to date; the first around the theme is ‘Sound and Structure’, where films by Guy Sherwin, David Lynch, Alan Callander and Chris Carter (in collaboration with Cosey Fan Tutte) were shown. The second event was curated by two first year CA & D students, Deniz Johns and Karolina Raczynski, with our support. The theme was ‘Performance to the Camera.’ The last event was a special screening of the film ‘The Fine Art of Designing Silence’ with the film-maker Sebastain Purfuerst from Berlin.

(Posters for New Perspectives in Moving Image Practice designed by Wai Ming Ng & Karolina Raczynski.
Posters for Viewing/Listening Space designed by Joe Pochodzaj)